Equipment Mods and Related Projects

Find the mod you're looking for under the most appropriate category. My mods are at the top, and other people's mods are down below. Each mod has it's own page that can be bookmarked or linked to. Please do not link directly to mod images, or deep link them on your own web site. Linking directly to a particular mod page is fine, though.

My Mods


  1. The Shot Blast Recase Mod
  2. The HUD Mod
  3. The HUD-less HUD Mod
  4. The Tagged-only Thunder Pack Mod
  5. The Scope Panel Light Mod
  6. The Scope Fastener Mod
  7. The Inexpensive Deluxe Sight


  1. The Tag Master Pistol
  2. The BLAST Mod
  3. The Reload Button Mod
  4. The Starbase Mod
  5. The Auto-Fire-On-Lock Mod
  6. The Scope HUD Mod
  7. Paint Jobs

Props and Other

  1. The Hosting Station
  2. The Drone Molded Leather Holster Mod
  3. The Scope Rail Camera Mount Mod

Mods by other people


  1. External Sensors
  2. External Sensors Mark 2


  1. Lazerhunter Special 002
  2. Lazerhunter Special 001
  3. Hit Lights for the Deluxe or IRT-2X
  4. The Merc II Sniper Rifle
  5. The Merc III PDSMG
  6. Battery Pack Tester

Mods on Other Sites

  1. Custom Tag Dynamics: Too many mods to count. Don't miss it!
  2. DX's mods: Includes the essential LTX Power Lock-Out Mod
  3. PartyTagger's Mods: Includes the essential Magic Drone mod.
  4. TagFerret's LTTO mods: Important mods and technical info from the man himself.

Video Mods on YouTube

  1. Max Windjammer's Channel: Includes the Phoenix LTX Reload Jam Repair, Hit Light MOD for LTTO gear (3 part tutorial), and Hit Light for the DELUXE LTTO tagger.
  2. Phoenix LTX Reload pushbutton Mod: Tutorial by RedByrd64
  3. Phoenix LTX S.O.B. mod: Tutorial by RedByrd64
  4. LTSM Drone Base Mod: A simple but great holder for Drone taggers by Kairusama

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