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The D.R.A.W.W. is a group of slot racers who especially enjoy the digital side of the hobby. We like all kinds of slot racing, but enjoy it the most when we're competing for the best line around a circuit, overtaking slower racers with strategic lane changing and skillful driving. Currently, most of our members use Scalextric Sport Digital, but we support and encourage all types of digital slot racing, including but not limited to: Scalextric Sport Digital, SCX Digital System, Ninco Digital, Carrera Pro-X/D143/D132/D124, Scorpius, oXigen, Davic, BLST, and even AC2Car.

If you are a resident of, or frequent visitor to, the Pacific Northwest region of the US, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, even the Southwest corner of Canada around Vancouver and Victoria, then you should join up with us. As a member of the DRAWW, you will be made aware of digital races happening in the region, all close enough for a fun day trip! We have a variety of resources at our disposal, including a social group on SlotCarIllustrated, and a Yahoo! Groups mailing list. Click the links below to access those resources.

DRAWW Forum on SCI
The actual forum, to help keep us in the forefront of SCI activity.
DRAWW Yahoo! Group
This is primarily a mailing list we use to coordinate race events.
DRAWW Group on Facebook
More marketing, trying to get the word out. Please join and encourage friends to join.
DRAWW Social Group On SCI
Mostly race announcements.
DRAWW Forum On SlotForum
Mostly race announcements.

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