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There are a LOT of slot car related sites out there, from retailers to bulletin boards (forums) and people showing off their layouts like me. Here are some of my favorite and most useful links, most of which I visit regularly.

WIKI Sites
  • The Slot Car Wiki
  • SSD Resources
  • The PB-Pro Home Page
  • SSD Console Home Page
  • SSD 101 - Everything you need to know about SSD
  • C7042 – The instructional threads: Guides, how-to’s, instructional videos…
  • Retailers
  • 132 Slotcar
  • Cincy Slots
  • Electric Dreams
  • HotSlots 132
  • Power Slot Cars
  • Slot Race Cars
  • Top Slots And Trains
  • Pendle Slot Racing
  • Fantasy World Hobbies
  • Slot Car City
  • Prestige Hobbies
  • Professor Motor
  • Forums
  • Slot Car Illustrated
  • SlotForum
  • Slot Car Talk
  • SlotBlog
  • HobbyTalk
  • Home Racing World
  • Planet of Speed
  • Do It Yourself
  • Old Slot Racer
  • BAPOM Racing Posters
  • Carrera 4 Fun
  • EPSON Racing Paper craft
  • Other Good Sites
  • Slot Car Geek
  • The Slot Car Wiki