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The links below are to threads on various internet forums that I have either started, contributed to in a meaningful way, or found especially useful or interesting. It's kind of like a good old fashioned links page. :) If you can't find something you're looking for here, please feel free to join the chat room and ask me a direct question, or to join and post in one of the forums to get the help of many experts around the world.

  1. INOX MX3 braid and rail treatment
  2. How to apply INOX MX3 to the rails
  3. Scalextric Digital Showcase Video
  4. My track build
  5. Digital Racing Alliance of Western Washington
  6. C7042 Part #1 "Basic Mode"
  7. C7042 Part #2 "Analog Mode"
  8. C7042 Part #3 "Pace Cars"
  9. C7042 Part #4 "Yellow Flag"