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RIGHT-Click the image or name of the plan and choose "Save link as..." or "Save file as..." to download the TrackPower TPC file. If you would like to share a track you've designed, please email me the TPC file, a 320x240 (or smaller) image of the plan, and how you would like to be credited (real name, nickname, no credit) and I will add it here ASAP. If possible, please give your plan an appropriate name, or tell me what it should be called so I can change it.

Digital Tracks

Analog Tracks

Title: "End Game"
Size: 12'x8'2" / 365x250cm
Filename: GG_EndGame_01.TPC
By: Greg Gaub, aka MrFlippant
Description: My current plan for a permanent track

Title: "Aeronic 03"
Size: 13'7"x5'8" / 414x172cm
Filename: Aeronic_03.TPC
By: Aeronic
Description: update to a carpet circuit using R4 and R3 turns

Title: "Pacific Raceways"
Size: 20'x8'10" / 610x270cm
Filename: GG_PacificRaceways.TPC
By: Greg Gaub, aka MrFlippant
Description: replica of Pacific Raceways Road Course near Covington, WA, USA

Title: "Amoeba #1"
Size: 10'1"x8' / 309x244cm
Filename: GG_Amoeba_01.TPC
By: Greg Gaub, aka MrFlippant
Description: random shape using stock on hand

Title: "Crazy-8"
Size: 9'11"'x6'10" / 302x208cm
Filename: GG_Crazy_8.TPC
By: Greg Gaub, aka MrFlippant
Description: curvy figure-8 using stock on hand