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Function: Vehicon General
Motto: "Destruction is the key to control."

When Megatron conquered Cybertron, he entered the Archives of the Council of Elders whose database rivalled that of the fabled Underbase. Within this database, Megatron uncovered the legendary technology that birthed such heroes of the Great War as Computron and Bruticus. With the death of Tankor, Megatron decided on a replacement to command his Tankdrones, and thus re-engineered two of Tankor's subordinates, Mirage and Scavenger, into a combining duo which forms OVERKILL!
While merged, Overkill combines Scavenger's single-minded impulse towards destruction with Mirage's devious temperment. This new Vehicon warrior can travel at speeds of up to 300 miles per hour and can teleport up to 200 yards in any direction. Channels deadly electric currents into his claws and fires pyro-beam torpedoes from his mouth. This new Vehicon enjoys nothing better than destroying Maximals, or anything else that gets in the way of his plasma mine blasters.
Very loyal to Megatron, but conflicts between the two personalities sometimes cause them to get stuck in combined mode.
STRENGTH             RANK
8.0                   8.0
4.0                   9.0
8.0                   7.0
7.0                   7.0
CreditsThis gestalt was conceived by Smegatron on The AllSpark EzBoard. The Spec was originated by Skywarp (on The All Spark) and tweaked to what you see above by Greg Gaub. The final name for this new character was based on the appearance of the gestalt, previous similar Transformers, suggestions by other members of The All Spark, and finally decided by Smegatron
As originally posted by Smegatron:

I found a way to hook Scavenger and Mirage together into a T-Rex like dino thingy (Kinda looks like Trypticon actually). Here's the instructions, (Hope I do this right).

Start Scavenger out in Vehicle mode, start to transform him to robot mode, put the crane into it's robot positioning except at the second joint. The front of the crane should now point up. Seperate his arms and bring them about half way up, leave his legs together and bring them down and then back the other way. It should start to look like the top half a dinosaur by now.

Now on to Mirage, start him off in robot mode and begin to transform him into vehicle mode. Pull the robot head back, and rotate so the gun points up, pull it down along with the front of the car, as far down as it will go. Now bring the robot arms together so that the tail pipe extensions press right against each other and hook the arms together. Pull the legs away from each other so that you can pull the front of the car right inbetween them, and pull it up. Bring the legs down and rotate them to the side so they stand, rotate the feet to face forward.

Now onto connecting them. First offset the crane/head of scavenger slightly to the left (your left). Next bring the front of Mirage (the car front) inbetween the arms (Scavenger's) right up against the crane. Snap the arm's around the car front and position accordingly. You should now have a Beast Machines Trypticon. (I hope)

Toy Review 
See the Mirage and Scavenger pages for reviews of those toys.
Color Scheme:
Well, the orange and black of Scavenger's half don't go all that well with the blue and yellow of Mirage's half, but since this isn't Hasbro's creation, this can be overlooked. It might be fun to repaint these into a more cohesive gestalt, though... anyone?
Robot Mode:
Definitely a raptor like dinosaur mode. The original name was Trypticon, but since he's not a city, Overkill became the chosen name. As you can see from the pics, it's actually quite a good t-rex kind of thing.
Scavenger's half is easy enough, but Mirage can be a little tricky. Hopefully the pics help. The main trick is to get the front spoiler section up far enough between the legs to connect to Scavenger without having a bent-over gestalt. Once you have it figured the first time, doing it again is easy. You can also fiddle with Scavenger's robot legs to form "wings" on the back of the gestalt, or just lay down against his back/tail. If you rotate Mirage's upper arms around, you can make the tail bend and Overkill stand more upright.
None, really, you can't really even use Mirage's missiles or Scavenger's steam-shovel thing.
As big as a deluxe (bigger in some cases) and it's a gestalt! :) He does hold together well enough for display, or careful play, but I'm sure he'd come apart if you really got into a heated battle. ;-) The trickiness of the combination is a pain at first, but not once you get it. Also, Scavenger/Overkill's head like to look down, so it is sometimes necesary to prop his head up by using the missile on his right side against the wheel/shoulder. Overall, a great fan-mode, and a fun gestalt!

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