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Package Robot Mode
Vehicle Mode Head Shot
Function: Warrior
Motto: "Eat My Dust!"

Mirage is a real trickster - and like most practical jokers, loves being devious. An experimental, high-speed weapon created by Megatron to breach the intelligence gap between Vehicon generals and their drones. Still, not very smart. Would be useless without Megatron's supervision Enjoys playing tricks on fellow Vehicons. Can appear from out of nowhere to attack Maximals. Sneakiest and most elusive of all Vehicons. Top speed off 300 miles per mega-cycle. Can instantly teleport up to 200 yards. Wields piasma mine biaster and dual missile launchers. Unpopular amongst fellow warriors.
STRENGTH             RANK
5.0                   5.0
4.0                   6.0
8.0                   7.0
7.0                   7.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (Bubble Removed)
Instructions From My Collection - Also, find out how to combine Mirage and Scavenger to form "Overkill!"
Tech Spec Image From My Collection
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Color Scheme:
As the second Beast Machines toy I purchased, he's no disappointment! He's a keen combination of dark green with silver and yellow accents, some yellow bits, and some translucent blue parts. So far, it seems as if the designers have their heads on straight. ;-)
Robot Mode:
Most will agree that his proportions are a bit off, but he's a robot, so who really cares all that much? As such, his legs are a little big, as are his feet, while his body is somewhat slender. His arms each have half of the vehicle's rear spoiler, which make his forearms a little heavy-looking, but that's where his missile launchers are, so it's ok. All in all, a good robot mode.
Vehicle Mode:
Billed as an "Indy Race Car" one wonders what a Cybertronian vehicle has to do with the Indianapolis 500? Anyhow, he's a pretty cool, batmobile-esque race car, with huge spoilers and large blue exhaust pipes (which become his missiles). Covered in techno-accents, with a gun in the "cockpit", this one's a winner!
Actually, fairly tricky for a "basic" toy. His rear spoiler fold back and separates into his arms. His legs fold out from the sides of the car. Then you fold up the nose of the car, and fold it in half while snapping it onto the back of the robot mode torso. Spin the waist, straighten the arms and legs, fold the feet up, and pow! It might not seem tough, but actually doing it is more difficult.
His exhaust pipes are missiles that shoot with the ball and socket technology of the G2 Cyberjets. His reflected-light "glowing eyes" gimmick doesn't work too good, but it's there. You can also pop the gun off his head and place it in his hand.
Ummm.... getting him back into car mode can be tricky with the robot legs part, but other than that, he's a top-notch toy! Some people complain about the "hockey-stick" missiles, but they work really well as exhaust pipes, so I can forgive them.

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Added by: Another chance? :) on June 28, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: This is a review regarding my "re-paint' of this toy in the auto-bot heros 3 -pack
from the robots in disguise line. I found this transfomer quite difficult to understand as i missed out on the entire BM
series. However his colour scheme in
this version appears to lack detail...
his robot mode was.. okay to say the least. his head seemed a bit "odd" in the postion it sits however.
his vechile mode is very nice, but transforming it is quite difficult.
lost points casue of his transfomation and robot mode

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