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Robot Mode Vehicle Mode
Package Head Shot
Function: Demolition Drone
Motto: "The road to ruin is short when I'm driving."

Perhaps Megatron's most horrific invention ever is his army of programmable drones which unquestionably serve his every wish. Falling under Tankor's charge of specialized tank drones, Scavenger's application is focused on one thing: brute force. Heavy armor makes Scavenger practically unstoppable. Galva-conductors on his back channel deadly electric currents. Enjoys nothing more than getting out and wrecking something.
STRENGTH             RANK
8.0                   4.0
2.0                   9.0
4.0                   7.0
6.0                   5.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Color Scheme:
Olive green, day-glo orange, and black, with some chromed accents, such as his claws. As one of the first Vehicons toys, his color scheme either draws people in, or turns people off. I'm somewhat impartial to it, leaning more toward liking it than hating it.
Robot Mode:
Except for the huge steam shovel in his chest, he's a pretty normal looking bipedal robot. His arms and legs have full range of motion, and his claws can even grab things. My only complaint is his tiny little head, if you can call it that. It's really more like eyes that peek out from the top of the steam shovel thing. Even when the head is fully up and locked, so you can see his whole "face," the impression you get is still just the eyes.
Vehicle Mode:
He's kind of a bizarre combination of tank, steam shovel, backhoe, and car... sort of. In that vein, he's actually pretty cool. He really looks like he could do some damage to stuff, justifying his function. As is often the case, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I don't have the time or energy to write the thousand word, so just look at the pics, ok? :P
Alternate Modes:
There are no "official" alt-modes, but this is probably one of, if not THE most versatile Transformers ever. For a guy with only two official modes, there have been a LOT of fan-made modes. Check out some of Scavenger's fan-made Alt modes at Erin's Toy Pics. Also, find out how to combine Mirage and Scavenger to form "Overkill!"
His legs fold down, and you rotate the tank treads, then you raise his arms up from below, tuck his crane arm down and pop up his head. Not at all hard, but sufficiently complex to make it fun to do.
There is a piston sort of thing at the hinge of his neck/crane arm which, when pulled, causes the steam shovel to open. Release the piston, and it closes. He's got a couple cool guns mounted to the sides of the steam shovel, and he's got the spark crystal hidden behind a panel on his side.
Kind of funky looking vehicle mode, but that's easily overlooked given his versatility, compact size, and the fact that he's one of the first VEHICLE Transformers we've had in a few years! :) As far as the basic sized Vehicons go, he can hold his own just fine.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: Another chance? :) on June 28, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: i like his vechile mode because bascially, its
straight from cybertron and as such, how can any one
say it's un-realistic or stupid?? becuase no one knows what thier supposed to look like.
reminds me of trypticon, and his colour scheme and 'jaw-gimmick' work well. i love this guy
the only fault is his very, very small-squashed looking head.
btw this is also a review regarding my auto-bot hero's 3 pack from the robots in disguise line

Added by: Chris on April 12, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: i must say at least one of hasbros designers hd a sap of creativity, that worked! Scav. is thebest basic in BM he so cool

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