Function: Surveillance, Sharpshooter
Motto: "When the enemy is in my sights, the target is still perfection."

A pinpointing perfectionist, Airraptor is the most meticulous member of the Dinobot team. His attention to detail and eagle eye precision is a result of his former work as an interplanetary surveyor and navigator aboard the Axalon. Incredibly fast, capable of soaring up to 250 mph. Characteristically dive-bombs or strafes a Vehicon detachment, usually flying past his targets before his ammunition makes impact. Though extremely dexterous, Airraptor's fragile wings are vulnerable to enemy firepower. Packs a quick-deploying energy destabilizer pistol.
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Packaging Robot Mode
Beast Mode Head Shot
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Although Airraptor is a recolor of the Japanese Beast Wars Neo Archadis toy, and the colors are significantly brighter than the original, I like it a lot. In my opinion, if there's any animal that deserves some nice, bright, pretty colors, it's a bird... in this case, an archaeopteryx. The lime green, turning to sea blue, then to yellow, and some dark navy blue parts and accents, is almost gaudy, but seems to work. This is one color scheme that really can't be efficiently described, so be sure to check the pics if at all possible.
Robot Mode:
He's pretty cool, actually. Normally, the wings of a bird robot are merely folded down, or sit on the back like Airazor, but Airraptor's wings fold nicely over his chest and back in robot mode, somewhat resembling a cape or poncho being blown to one side by wind. Although his beast head becomes one of his arms/hands, it's not all that unreasonable looking, and his other arm has a real hand, with a REAL GUN! WOOHOO!! :) Although his beast talons/feet stick out the back of his robot knees, they don't present a problem in appearance or function.
Beast Mode:
As far as I can tell, it's a fairly well designed archaeopteryx dinosaur mode. The only drawback I can see to this mode is that his robot legs fold up in front of his chest, similar to the original Dinobot toy.
Scaled as low intermediate skill level, I tend to agree. It's not as simple as some of the basics are, but it is in no way complex. One simply folds down his robot legs, opens the hatch on the back to pop up the head, rotates the wing mechanism to then fold the wings against the chest and back, turn the beast head around to use as a robot arm, rotate the tail feathers to put the gun in place, and voila! A fairly simply transformation for a convincing toy in both modes!
Coolest gimmick to date, in my opinion, is his "quick-deploying" gun. It "stores" conveniently under his tail feathers, but in robot mode, as the tail feathers rotate, the gun also rotates around INTO the robot's hand! COOL! To top it off, his wings carry "feather bombs" that drop when you press a trigger which "extends" the wings. Also, the ends of his wings fold out to perform as weapons of some kind in beast mode. Although the wing gimmicks are ok, the "quick-deploying" gun ROCKS!
Aside from the beast feet in robot mode, and the robot feet in beast mode, he's all good. Heck, even the feet thing is nitpicking. I highly recommend this toy, either the Japanese Archadis version, or this American version.

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