Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Excellent Condition, With Tech Spec
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Robot Mode Beast Mode
Box Art Currently Unavailable
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Tech Spec Image Courtesy of the Hartmans
Tech Spec Data 
 Dinobot            Function: Frontline Combat      Group: Maximal
    | Stren. | Intel. | Speed | Endur. | Rank | Cour. | Firep. | Skill |
        8        5        9       5        6      9       6        6

    As if torn from the pages of earth's prehistoric past, a vicious
    velociraptor breathes again!  But Dinobot is no ordinary 'raptor,
    he's a robot in disguise battling beside his heroic teammates, the
    Maximals!  Armed with a spinning cyber-slash tail weapon and always
    hungry for battle, Optimus Primal considers him a natural combat
    expert who has clawed his way to the top one victory after another!

    Secret Weapon Locations:  Sword inside tail
                              Tail becomes slasher weapon
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