"Slag Happens"

About The CybCon

The Cybertronian Conference (CybCon) was born out of a mailing list that started in 1997. After a few years of nothing but e-mail with Transfans and missing out on BotCons due to distance and expenses, the list founder, Greg Gaub, wanted to have a local informal gathering of local Transfans who similarly could not attend BotCon. In 2000, the first gathering was held with a few local friends, then again in 2001 with a couple more friends and the first "convention exclusive" toy courtesy of then attendee Richard Mistron, and his friend across the 'net, Dave Edwards. 2002 was another great CybCon with another amazing exclusive toy courtesy of Dave, but with low fan turnout (just Greg and Richard ;-). In 2003, Greg and Richard teamed up to bring Pacific Northwest Transfans a whole new CybCon. With a new location (not Greg's house! ;-), dealers and activities, it was good enough to do again! CybCon 2004 was more of the same fun we had in 2003, but a little more organized. Up through 2004, CybCon was free to attendees. Expenses were to be recouped by the raffle, auction, and pizza/pop money. Our goal was, and is to break even at the very most. In 2005, we tested the waters of a pre-registration fee that covers a simple SWAG bag, pizza and drinks, and a couple raffle tickets. It worked, but we had to have an auction to break even. With the goal of only breaking even, CybCon continues to be a success, even when how it gets there may change from year to year.

CybCon continues to grow a little each year, being enjoyed by Transformers fans of all ages and levels, from the hard-core completist collector to the casual TV and movie audience. CybCon is and has always been a family friendly and fun day focused on having fun with your favorite group of sentient robot lovers. If you haven't come to a CybCon yet, you owe it to yourself to come to the next one.

The Shows...

  1. CybCon '00-02
  2. CybCon 2003
  3. CybCon 2004
  4. CybCon 2005
  5. CybCon 2006
  6. CybCon 2007
  7. CybCon 2008
  8. CybCon 2009
  9. CybCon 2010
  10. CybCon 2011
  11. CybCon 2012