"Slag Happens"

CybCon 2000

2000 was the first year for the official CybCon gathering. Meant as a "BotCon away from BotCon" for those who lived in the area and couldn't go to the real BotCon, friends of Greg's came from near and far just to hang out, talk some TF, play some games, and maybe go out and buy some toys. Very few people, very laid back, and very relaxing. A great way to start off an annual event.

CybCon 2001

The year 2001 brought a new fan to the gathering, Richard "ViceGripX" Mistron, and with him came his connections to other fans in the way of an exclusive toy. Beast Machines Scavenger hand repainted into G1 Scavenger color by Dave "Zobovor" Edwards. We had a few more people this year, and went out for a raucous toy hunt all over the area, coming home with some nice new stuff. Another relaxing and fun year of hanging out with a few other transfans... but we've only just gotten the ball rolling.

CybCon 2002

In 2002, Richard convinced Dave to pull off another feat of creativity, this time in repaints of RiD Spychanger 2-pack Scourge and X-Brawn into Laser Prime and Brawn. Unfortunately, even though we had a great toy, we didn't have any other people. Richard and Greg were left to go on their toy hunt with Greg's eldest son (7 at the time). It was still fun, but this is when they decided to make things a little bit more organized. Next year starts off anew with a rented meeting location, dealers, and a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the event. Little did they know how big it would get.

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