(McD) THRUST    
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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Bag (flattened), and another Mint In Bag
Bag/Package From my collection
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Color Scheme:
The chassis is a sky blue, but the main body is fuchsia. He has black wheels, translucent blue arms/tailpipes and yellow accents on the arms and body. Except for the blue chassis, he's fairly close to the show and deluxe Thrust toy. He also has a gray plastic base that looks like peel out/tire smoke which hold him up in robot mode.
Robot Mode:
If it weren't for the huge wheel in his gut, he might be ok. His arms are also a little too long. Given that he's a cheap/free McDonald's toy, it's somewhat to be expected.
Vehicle Mode:
Well, he looks a lot like the show, except that his arms/tailpipes are oversized.
His body lifts up from the chassis, and his head and arms reposition.
Very simplistic, but good for play as cycle drones.

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