Function: Ground Combat Specialist
Motto: "When I get you in my clutches, you're gonna need crutches!"

Striker is a frontline, one-robot wrecking crew. Incredibly loyal to the Maximal cause. His hide is constructed of specially treated polly-alloy armor, and plates across his back serve as secondary energy receptors. His tail makes the most useful weapon: can cause seismic variations in the gravitational field by slamming it to the ground, sending Vehicons crashing to the surface at break-neck speed. Tail also contains unique grappling rocket, which penetrates all Vehicon armor.
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Robot Mode Beast Mode
Head Shot
STRENGTH             RANK
9.0                   7.5
6.9                   8.4
6.2                   7.4
8.8                   8.2
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
Instructions From My Collection
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Although the bright red fins kind of mess up the realism of the beast mode, he's a pretty neat combination of gold-brown, red, light-blue, and light turquoise accents. He also has some nice looking yellow and orange painted accent stripes on his back. Robot mode adds navy blue to the mix. As Cheetor would say, "Spot on smooth!"
Robot Mode:
Top notch! Man, those Takara people really know what's what. Although he has some "Rhinox-esque" kibble (beast pieces hanging off the robot mode) such as the beast panels that hang from his hips, and those which attach to his shoulders rising from his back like huge wings. In most cases, these would bring down the appearance of the robot mode, but in this case, they ADD to it! The ones on his back don't really look like wings, but they do look just plain cool! Aside from the kibble commentary, he has a definite "tribal" look to his design.
Beast Mode:
A very convincing stegosaurus, but for the red fins. The only thing that would make this mode better are articulated head/neck and tail, but then he probably could not transform the same way. The photos tell all. It's a GREAT beast mode.
This one is rated a little higher than other deluxes. Rated at "Advanced, this one really is a toughy. I'm the kind of guy who likes to read the instructions, if only to make sure I don't break it. From beast to robot isn't really that tough, but going back to robot mode was tricky. I actually had to refer to the instructions to transform him back, particularly the correct position of the torso and robot head. Anyway... it's harder than it looks. :)
His tail is removable similar to the original Dinobot tail, but instead of opening and spinning, it opens up like a three pointed claw (like the sandworms in "Dune"). It's a little tough to use in that the trigger is rather large, and the spring is rather strong. I had to wedge a piece of folded paper under the trigger to make the claw stay open. I have since been informed that if you press it back far enough that it will snap into a locked open position.
He's ALL GOOD! Con? Well... he's got a little beast kibble, but it works as part of his look. His tail weapon is a little large, but it's not like large tail weapons are anything new.

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