Function: Strategic Specialist
Motto: "They won't even see it coming!"

As a strategic genius, Snarl is a critical component of the Maximal command. Has the uncanny ability to sense his opponent's weaknesses and exploit them to Maximal advantage. Considers Vehicons a substandard challenge to his abilities - desires a match of tactics and cunning against Megatron where the victor wins the war over Cybertron. Has as ambush style of attack that rarely leaves his enemies the option of survival.
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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Mostly bronze with translucent (with sparkles) navy blue plastic parts, silver paint accents, sparkly navy blue accents, an orange mane with silver accent, and orange hands and gimmick triggers. I thought he was going to be mostly silver, but this is cool too. I'm not so sure about the orange mane and hands, but the bronze, blue, and silver work very well. If the orange parts were silver, or even just a light bronze or gold, I think it would be cooler. His spark crystal is green, as seen in the Head Shot picture.
Robot Mode:
Although he's got a hunchback, he's pretty cool. He's very poseable, with fully articulated arms and legs, and even opposable thumbs. His tail becomes a sword weapon (ugh, not again!) but at least it attaches in beast mode solidly, and can actually move around, instead of just being *stuck* in. His lower legs look a little scrawny, but that's a function of it's beast mode design. It's really cool how his mane comes apart, flips and folds around to his back and reconnects. His chest is well detailed, as is the rest of his overall design.
Beast Mode:
This is one slag-kicking lion, in my honest opinion. Though, he's not really "Technorganic" so much as a "Cyborg," like Robocop or something. The smooth curves and lines, the sliding panel on his leg which reveals his spark, it all adds up to a decidedly techno design, NOT an organic design. This guy is like the "Stealth Voltron" version of G1 Razorclaw (Predacon leader) or something. It's cool. :P Anyway... look at the pics if you don't trust my opinion.
Fairly tame. As one can tell, he just stands up on his hind legs and switches his head around. The head part isn't even tricky at all. You just open the mane, fold out his robot head, tuck in the beast head, fold the robot head back up to his shoulders, then fiddle with the mane for a few minutes to get it back around against his back. If there's a tricky part, it's his mane. But the mane transformation is what makes the robot mode so nice. It reconnects neatly against his back, greatly reducing even the appearance of kibble. In fact, if you only saw the robot mode, you wouldn't even realize the mane transformed in the way that it does.
As noted above, he has a sliding panel that reveals his Maximal spark crystal. That alone is pretty cool, much cooler than a hatch or panel that simply flips up. He also has a moving mouth gimmick in beast mode, which when you move the face part of his head (within the mane, which remains motionless), his mouth opens and closes, much like the mega sized Cheetor's does. But that's not all! He also has two arm gimmicks. His left arm has an extension gimmick. When you trip the trigger, it extends a little more than 1/4". The extension is from above the elbow, which allows him to punch/jab, or elbow an opponent in the face, hehe. This is how Supreme Cheetor's left arm gimmick should have been. His right arm has a karate-chop style gimmick. When you rotate a gear-like thing on his upper arm, his forearm hinged up and down. What's really cool is that it doesn't hinder his range of motion or poseability at all. If you want his arm bent, just hold the gear and move the arm while it clicks past each tooth on the gear. Although not a gimmick, I'd like to note that his waist is a nice, tight, ball joint, allowing even more poseability in both modes. As far as gimmicks go, this toy does it all the way it should be done!
The colors could be better, but it's still nice to look at. The gimmicks bring it home, though. Anyone waiting on a BM Maximal purchase should seriously consider this guy. Although his transformation is a little simplistic for a deluxe, his style and gimmicks bring it all together.

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