Function: Warrior
Motto: "Quick action equals quick victory!"

Formerly hot-headed and inexperienced, Cheetor is growing up fast on Cybertron; still remains Optimus Primal's strongest supporter in the Techno-Organic war against Megatron and his Vehicons. His beast mode offers cheetah-like speed, agility and endurance. Sharp, powerful claws and jaws. Robot mode has enhanced, frictionless body surface that causes energy pulses to glide right off. Cheetor can accelerate particles around aerodynamic form to create a vacuum useful in knocking down opponents.
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Robot Mode Beast Mode
Head Shot Box Art
STRENGTH             RANK
8.0                   7.0
7.0                   9.0
10.0                  6.0
9.0                   8.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Box (flattened)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
He's Cheetor, so of course he's yellow with black spots. As well, he has gold metalized parts, green translucent parts, and some red accents. I like his color scheme a lot, which is one of his good points.
Robot Mode:
As far as matching the show, he's closer than Jetstorm, but there are enough differences to make it noticeable upon comparison. That aside, he's pretty cool, with only one real annoying feature... his legs. For some reason, they saw fit to make his legs extend, making him taller. Unfortunately, the consequence is that he's more difficult to stand. His legs are difficult to position. I wouldn't even attempt to position him as on his box art unless I was feeling particularly bold.
Beast Mode:
Again, not a bad comparison with the show, but not spot on. His hind legs work much better for this mode, but they're still a little gangly. I like the poseability of his head and such. His tail falls off easier than the Tmet2 Cheetor, though.
Also similar to Tmet2 Cheetor from Beast Wars. His hind legs become his robot legs, and his front legs are his robot arms, then his torso opens and shifts around to change his head and chest from beast to robot and back.
His left arm has a "slashing" action. Basically, a lever on his shoulder is geared such that when pressed, his forearm "slashes" by rotating at the elbow. It's not a *bad* gimmick, but it's not all that effective. Both his beast and robot heads have a "mouth moves when you turn the head" gimmick, which is kind of cool, except that to make it look like he's talking, he's also saying "no no no no no no..." hehe.
He's actually pretty close to the show, but his hind legs just do not work very well in either mode. I'm disappointed that his tail, yet again, is a sword weapon. Personally, I'd prefer the thing just fold up into his body, and give him those cool swords like on the show. Anyhow, not a bad toy. So far, one of the best Maximals, but don't get him if you're looking for a really cool TF. ;-)

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