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Function: Mining & Salvage
Motto: "Everything is worth something. Even me."

Culled from the Sparks of Transformers past, Scavenger once again serves Megatron. It is not, however, the Megatron he knew. Disgusted at the misuse in his former leader's name, Scavenger now secretly searches for the Sparks of his fellow Constructicons in what free time he's given. Using his shovel, Scavenger is able to detect many different fuels and metals through almost any surface. In either mode, he can fire his gatling gun and surface to air missiles. Someday, he hopes to combine with his fellow Constructicons into Devastator again.
STRENGTH             RANK
7.0                   4.0
2.0                   9.0
3.0                   6.0
6.0                   7.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, With Tech Specs and Instructions
Instructions Courtesy of Wildrun.com: Page 1 (front), Page 2 (back)
Tech Spec Image Courtesy of Wildrun.com
Toy Review 

More information on the creation of this toy can be found at The Scavenger Project.

Color Scheme:
The main difference between this toy and the original BM Scavenger toy is the color scheme. In this case, the entire toy has been repainted into an awesome purple and green scheme very similar to the original purple and green of the Generation 1 Scavenger from the Devastator gestalt/combiner team. Fortunately, IMHO, these colors are more subdued than the originals. While I love G1 as much as the next guy, the bright green and purple of the original toy could be a real eyesore. Not so for this guy. Some orange from the original plastic can be seen because the joints were not painted. Other accents were painted, though, such as the orange claw tips were painted gray.
Not gimmicks so much as cool changes and additions. The coolest one is that the Vehicon spark crystal has been changed to a Decepticon crystal! COOL! The other cool addition is the faux rub sign. This looks so real, I was trying to get it to show up until I was told that it was non-functional. It looks JUST like the real thing, though. ;-)
For another review of this toy mold, refer to the Beast Machines Scavenger page.

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