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Head Shot
Function: Aerial Combat
Motto: "Walking is for suckers."

Obsidian was created to be a mindless aerial-attack automaton by Megatron, master of the Vehicons. Armed with several heat-seeking missiles capable of penetrating 800 meters underground to reach their Maximal targets. While airborne, plays symphonic scores for enhanced drama and psychological intimidation. Expert in low-flying aerial combat. Often supports tank drone battalions for supreme land/aerial assaults. Displays unmatched aggression while in battle, but becomes docile outside of combat. Will hover serenely for hours.
STRENGTH             RANK
6.5                   6.0
5.9                   8.1
7.1                   6.7
7.1                   5.9
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Color Scheme:
Very nice combination of light and dark green with some orange paint accents and some translucent orange parts (like the propellers). Very sensible, although disappointing considering his name. Obsidian is a black, semi-precious stone, so a nice black would have been a more fitting choice of color.
Robot Mode:
Pretty cool, overall. His legs, formed from the tail of the VTOL mode, are a little thin for the bulkiness of the top half, but since he's got propellers on his shoulders, I don't think it's a problem. ;-) No hands, though. :(
Vehicle Mode:
Although the card says it's a helicopter, it's not. It's a VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing). This is because there are two propellers, one on each "wing," designed to rotate/tilt forward for flight. You can see how they can rotate in the Alt Mode picture above. I'm guessing they decided to call it a helicopter to prevent confusion among the kiddies. Anyway, it's a great VTOL toy. With the propellers removed, it looks very much like something out of Terminator or Aliens. Again, COOL vehicle mode!
Alternate Mode:
Not really a full alternate mode, just pointing out the fact that the propellers rotate for "flight" as a proper VTOL does. :)
VERY simple. With a gear mechanism, all you have to do is fold down the VTOL's tail (robot legs) and the cockpit automatically folds down while the robot head pops up. All that's left is to bring down the arms, and separate the legs.
His propellers spin freely, and "eject" or "launch" by pressing the button behind them, using a "pinch" firing mechanics similar to Mirage's exhaust pipe missiles. His geared transformation could also be considered a gimmick.
Well, he looks REALLY cool, in both modes, but... he doesn't have any hands! just what look like missile launchers. So far, he's the only Vehicon without at least claws for hands. He has a little backpack, where part of his vehicle mode stick straight out, but it's no big deal. Aside from his launching propellers, and the pretend missiles for his hands, he doesn't have any actual weapons. Don't be dissuaded, though, it's a GREAT Basic, easily as good as Mirage for his own reasons. Pretty cool spec too. :)

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Added by: Jason on April 30, 2003
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Comments: Come on have you seen him on the show he looks so cool! but the toy its look like the guy was drunk well doing it but it is okay if your not comparing him to the show so i gave him a seven an ok toy.

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