Hammerhead Shark
Function: Tracker, Ocean Attack
Motto: "The ocean depths conceal all intentions."

Not known for his intelligence or cunning, Hammerstrike is the best there is at what he does - destroy Vehicons. Of all the Maximals, Hammerstrike is the most battle hungry. Insatiable appetite for combat; devastating "frenzy" assault leaves few Vehicon survivors. Knows no fear, feels no pain, and has an endurance second only to Cheetor. Calculating and fearless, Hammerhead gives the Vehicons a good reason to stay out of the water.
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Robot Mode Beast Mode
Packaging Head Shot
STRENGTH             RANK
9.5                   6.1
5.5                   9.6
8.2                   7.5
9.8                   5.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
Instructions From My Collection
Tech Spec Image From My Collection
Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Though the pictures on the package and Tech Spec make him look somewhat silvery, he's definitely not so. In fact, his main color is kind of a light khaki brown color. He has some translucent orange parts, as well as blue and red accents. As un-shark-like he coloration is, I find that I actually like it... I don't really know why. :\
Robot Mode:
Hollow Man! Not only is he scrawny and gangly, but his mid-section consists of a chest with a hole in it, and a spinal column. That's really not the bad part, though, and I've quickly gotten used to it. The really sucky thing is his total lack of hands. His "hands" are nothing more than the halves of his lower shark jaws. They don't hold or do anything. In fact, his "weapon" doesn't even attach to his hands. It attaches to his forearm on a peg kind of thing. Anyway, his saving grace is his overall style. He has a cool, "undersea alien" kind of style to him, which I find appealing.
Beast Mode:
A hammerhead shark, like the spec says. Strangely, though, this is definitely a mean looking Hammerhead, with a big mouth, and he's billed as a berserker warrior, when as far as I know, hammerhead sharks are on the gentler side of the shark species. Anyway, he's got the overall hammerhead look down pat, and shares Snarl's cyborg style.
Good for a regular sized toy. Essentially, you pull down his lower jaw and pull out the sides, which become the robot shoulders and arms. Yank out the huge hammerhead section, which is his weapon, then you split the tail to become his legs and feet. He's nicely compact in beast mode, and sufficiently robot-like in robot mode. Aside from the oversized feet (which enhance the stability anyway) and gargantuan weapon, he's pretty keen, in my opinion.
A section in his hammerhead extends about 1/4" when you push his spark in beast mode, or a button on it in robot mode. That's about it, though.
His robot mode has some flaw (no hands, hole in chest, big feet, stupid weapon, etc.) but his overall style is a winner with me. If you don't like how he LOOKS, then you probably won't like the toy much.
Yes, they wrote Hammerhead at the end of the spec. Feel free to check the image yourself. :P Here's the Back story: "Megatron has finally developed a technology that removes all organic traces from the sparks of Transformers - starting with himself. Completely purged of the organic within him, an even more ruthless Megatron threatens all of Cybertron, and the Maximals must fight the most important battle ever: this is the Battle for the Spark!"

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