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Rank: Courage: Fireblast: Skill:
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Toy condition: Loose, complete, mint condition, with flattened box.
Instructions: From my collection

Greg's Review: The Universe line is basically just a chance for collectors who missed certain toys to get them again, but in new colors. This toy was also re-released as Soundwave in the Machine Wars line, but I passed him up then, so decided to get him now. He's a G1 brick. Still, I like the colors and the design enough to like the toy overall. Articulation is very limited, and the huge missile thing comes off easily, even for an accessory that needs to come off to move to a different location for each mode. To make the $20 price point more palatable, they toss in a G2 Cyberjet mold. Space Case is a recolor of, believe it or not, G2 Space Case. Wow. At least this one has better colors, that sort of match with Soundwave's colors. Problem is, the plastic and construction quality is crap. The missile launcher on Space Case's arm is all distorted, making it hard to get the missile into it, and impossible to fire the missile. I gave this one to my son, as it's a mold I already have, and I was really disappointed in the quality. If you don't have the Soundwave mold, keep your eye out for the Machine Wars version, or maybe a loose Euro version. If you've got $20 to waste, and don't want to hunt ebay for an older version, I guess it's not all bad.

Robot Mode
Vehicle Mode

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