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Toy condition: Loose, complete, mint condition, with full card (bubble removed).
Instructions: See individual pieces.

Greg's Review: The only reason to get any of the parts for this toy, unless you're a huge Micromaster fan, is to make the combined robot mode. Is it a miniature of the original Devastator? No. Is it a worthy use of the name? Yes. Other than the fact that Bonecrusher is Devastator's back-side, all the individual toys are put to good use and the overall look is really nice. There's not much articulation, but nor was there much in the original Devastator toy. Being able to put all the combiner pieces into a "ship" that one of the individual robots can sit in is a very nice touch, and adds a lot of playability to what would otherwise be a pile of plastic waiting for the combination to happen. I lucked out and got all 6 MISB for $30, and I'd recommend it to anyone at or below that price.

Parts Jet Mode

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Added by: Kenneth David Hall on April 20, 2006
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Comments: I got this a while back at a KB in Macon, Ga I finally found them all together in person instead of online with a lot of shipping, and did not want to buy it separate. When I got this home I was very happy with it the paint applications strike that old school Constructicon chord inside and the lack of playability is not that much of problem considering I have recently got to the point that I am tired of the over complicated newer toys. I miss G1 and they have done it good here.

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