Optimus Convoy

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Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Card Art
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Supreme Commander
A heroic warrior who protects innocent life. His teammates trust him deeply. Aside from weapon attacks with his favorite Convoy Gun, his specialty is punching. His foremost hope is for peaceful use of solitarium ore.

Weapon: Convoy Gun, Energy Axe, Missile Launcher
Rank: 10
Power: 8
Defense: 10
Stamina: 10
Speed: 8
Toy Review

Overall, I think this is a great toy. The Robot mode is very strong with a great animation style and close resemblance to the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime design. It's much smaller, of course, so not as feature packed, but we still get the energon axe, a blaster, and a new missule launcher design that comes with several of the Robot Masters toys. Some of his joints, particularly the hips, are a little stiff, making transformation a little bit of a pain. Fortunately, the transformation itself is simple, very much like the original G1 toy. Where this toy is weak is in the vehicle mode, mainly due to the way the arms don't meet completely with the cab in the front, leaving huge gaps in the front corners. With that as the only major fault, I can't not recommend this toy, especially to any Prime fan.

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