Beast Megatron

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Beast Megatron
Emperor of Destruction
Major player in the Destron forces who came from the planet Energois (actually ancient Earth). Laser Buster Beam fired from dinosaur mouth on right arm can shatter a 60-ton boulder. His manner of speech is pleasant, but when it comes to playing foul, he's in the top class of his forces.

Weapon: Megatron Gun, Missile Launcher
Rank: 10
Power: 9
Defense: 8
Stamina: 10
Speed: 8
Toy Review

Like Beast Convoy (Optimus Primal), Beast Megatron is almost an exact copy of his original, larger Beast Wars form. Unfortunately, he doesn't stack up as nicely as Primal/Beast Convoy does. The transformation is essentially the same, but there's a flimsy feel to it, especially with the left arm. On the plus side, that flimsy arm is due to the fact that it is an actual arm, with a removable tail shell around it. The arm to tail connection is the flimsy part, as it's practically held on by hope. But, at least I can just forget about the tail and have him hold a blaster or something. The dino-head has an opening mouth, like the original design, so that's nice to have. Other than that, well... that's it, really. It's a decent toy, but not as cool as Beast Convoy. If you love Megatron in Beast Wars, it's a worthy addition to the collection, otherwise, pass if you can't drop the cash.

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