Ultra Magnus (SC)

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Motto: "Let's hit the road, Autobots; We have a planet to save!"


Ultra Magnus changes into a transport truck and can carry Autobot warriors over long distances at incredible speed. He is a professional soldier loaded with the fierce and fiery weapon, Blue Bolts. He can also fly with his turbo-charged, high-powered jet engine. He and Optimus Prime can join together to create a super-powerful force of strength and wisdom.
Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)
Instructions: Currently Unavailable
Tech Spec Image: Original Ultra Magnus Spec From My Collection
Toy Review:
Color Scheme:
Gray and blue with some silver accents. His big Autobot logo is yellow rather than gold. I guess they didn't want to spend the money on the metallic paint. One thing is the lack of detail. He's got lots of wheels, but half of them are unpainted blue plastic. He would look much cooler with just a tad more color, especially those blue tires. I've heard of some people painting the wheels because it annoyed them so much. ;-)
Robot Mode:
A pretty good match to the full sized Ultra Magnus. It's nice how his legs separate a little bit when extended. This is different than most Spy Changers, who have "one big foot" syndrome. His only drawback, aside from the expected lack of articulation, is the huge bucket on his back, created by his entire cab section that folds back to reveal his head. Still, looks good next to Spy Changer Optimus Prime.
Vehicle Mode:
A car carrier, again just like the big guy. As mentioned in the Color Scheme section, he'd look much better with a little more paint detailing. One cool this is that he's big enough to actually carry another Spy Changer on his back (not inside, though).
Pull down the legs, pop out the arms, and fold back the hood/cab to reveal the head. He also has the "wings" on his back that swing up into position like his big twin brother.
Needs more paint detail, but he earns those lost points back by being able to carry another Spy Changer on his back! :)

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Added by: Another chance? :) on May 02, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: Good likness to the real magnus. if u can make little flying nosies then hes just like th show..minus his "blue bolts" gun. I like it :D

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