Side Swipe

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging (Tech Spec written by Dave Van Domelen. Visit his site.)
Motto: "Look fast, move faster!"
Function: Recon


Side Swipe takes great pride in his high speed, but it often gets out of his control, leaving him moving faster than his brakes can deal with. A pair of parachute packs under his spoiler give him one chance to recover from his own excesses in an emergency. An expert with his Sidearm Rifle, he can hit a penny at half a mile once he zooms in with his telescopic optics. Those same optics make him an excellent scout, although he often misses things right in front of him because he's looking at a suspicious character a mile away.
Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)
Instructions: Currently Unavailable
Tech Spec Image: None (see Dave's Tech Spec above)
Toy Review:
Color Scheme:
In car mode he's green and black with some red and silver accents. You can also see some of the orange leg plates that can be seen in robot mode. In robot mode, his gun is the same orange that his leg plates are. His mid section and head are the same color of cobalt blue.
Robot Mode:
Typical Spychanger style of huge chest and stumpy arms. In Side Swipe's case, his face is almost completely obscured by his hood when viewed head on, because of the way his hood doesn't like to fold completely down and flush against his chassis. Some people have taken to shaving a little plastic off of the hinge to remedy this.
Vehicle Mode:
A tricked out Camaro kind of thing... I think. Whatever he is, he's got the engine stuff sticking out of the hood a little bit. Instead of a shiny silver or gold for his windows, he has more of a dark sparkley gray color, which looks good. With the green and black color scheme, though, you half expect the Green Hornet to hop out of the door. ;-)
Simple as expected: pull down legs, pull out arms, flip down hood to reveal head.
His gun mounts under his chassis in vehicle mode for effective storage.
Unique styling and good weapon storage, but his hood sticks up too far without taking a knife to the hinge.

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