Side Burn

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Motto: "Speed limit? What speed limit?"

STRENGTH1 2 3 4 5 6
INTELLIGENCE1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
SPEED? ? ? ? ?
ENDURANCE? 2 3 4 5 6 7
RANK1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
COURAGE1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
FIREBLAST1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
SKILL1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Speedbreaker got a new Spark engine and was amazed at the results. His speed and acceleration power jumped to infinite levels, and he now is able to warp short distances on the highway. He loves to go fast just to enjoy the blur of the world shooting past him, but he knows his speed is important in the fight against the Predacons.
Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)
Instructions: Currently Unavailable
Tech Spec Image: From My Collection
Toy Review:
Color Scheme:
in vehicle mode he's all blue with blue and white flame detailing, chrome and red engine poking out of his hood, yellow tinted windows and headlights, chrome wheels (with rubber tires) and a glorious red and white Autobot logo placed off center on the roof. I robot mode, he has all those colors, with the addition of a bunch of white parts and a couple additional red accents.
Robot Mode:
Very well proportioned and articulated. His only faults are the kibble. Whereas toys like Prowl and X-Brawn have most of the vehicle parts incorporated into the robot mode, Side Burn does not. One shoulder has his headlights, the other has the entire top of the car including the roof and both front and back windows. On his back are two large sections that are his hood and doors. His thighs also have car kibble on them, but it's not such a bad thing there. Now, I'm not usually a big hater of kibble. I consider it a necessary evil for some of the toy designs. In this case, though, the placement of the pieces in robot mode don't help the look much, and do get in the way a lot. If kibble doesn't phase you, then there are really no faults to this toy. He has two weapons in this mode, a gun that can also act like a knife, and a missile launcher that can be held in his other hand, which looks kind of like a crossbow. The crossbow launcher looks like that because it's actually his rear car bumper.
Vehicle Mode:
A sweet Dodge Viper clone. The color scheme alone makes it cool, but the curvaceous design of the Viper makes it that much cooler. Rubber wheels make this an excellent toy for play as a car on any surface.
Very complex, especially getting the one arm that has both wheels attached into the right position in robot mode, than then the other arm with the car roof section in the right position for vehicle mode. If you're not an expert at Transforming unknown TFs, you'll probably be looking at the instructions for this guy. I won't even try to talk about the actual process.
His tail pipe and bumper become a spring loaded missile launcher.
Great vehicle mode, good robot mode, but a little high on the kibble scale in robot mode. Still a great toy which I highly recommend.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: james aka legend on October 08, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: can i just say to those who bloody complain bout his transformation please dont because thats what the challenge is i rather like it cause it makes me think more rather than tose simple 1 minute changers and once u get the hang of it its great!! plus i like the car model hes got... nice!

Added by: Haohmaru on August 03, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: Sideburn is the 1st rid toy I bought.His transformation is very easy if you have more than 1/4 of a brain.He is very loose is robot mode though.He should have been sturdier like tracks and/or hot rod.

Added by: Magnetron on April 12, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: All I can say is transformation is damn near impossible. If it was any closer to being impossible, it would be.

Added by: Chris on April 10, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: There is two problems with Side urn, one is the transformation which is a bi$#% and 2 the feet hardly hold the dang thing up

Added by: Fishdirt on January 10, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: I just got this thing, and that alone was hard (go ahead find a side burn at a local store, you won't find it)but transforming the thing was difficult and I almost ended up breaking the thing. The main prob was the arm with the front bumper on it. The instructions were useless when it came to this.
Designwise the car is kinda goddy looking with those colors but the robot is like his brothers, articulate and yet again, with a non removable sheild.

Added by: julio on November 08, 2001
Rated it:
Comments: I think the articulation is awsome but I agry with you Its on the kibble side but for me thats no problem I love this Transformer!!!

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