Scourge (SC)

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Motto: "Vengence is an excuse for failure. I do not seek vengence."


Scourge is a no-nonsense field commander. Formed during the creation of the Decepticons when Megatron scanned both a tanker truck and Optimus Prime. Because of this mix-up, Scourge resents the Autobots and especially their leader. He's cunning, dangerous and cruel - if there is any Autobot goodness within his circuits, he covers it up in acts of destruction. His battle station is a fully loaded weapon and high-tech equipment arsenal. Furiously wields his signature sword in battle.
Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)
Instructions: Currently Unavailable
Tech Spec Image: None Available. Above Spec info is from Super sized Scourge.
Toy Review:
Color Scheme:
Black and dark gray with some silver, teal, and orange accents. This color scheme is by far one of the coolest of the series, and is virtually identical to the Super sized version of this character.
Robot Mode:
Very show accurate. The Super sized toy is a recolor of the Generation 2 Laser Rod Optimus Prime toy, which the RiD cartoon design for him is based on, so he looks just like a miniature recolor of Laser Rod Optimus Prime. He's a top contender for the coolest RiD Spy Changer, right along with X-Brawn. One nice thing is that his arms are articulated at the elbows, so he's not always reaching for something.
Vehicle Mode:
A tractor trailer truck. Again, the spitting image of his big twin brother and the cartoon. Still cool.
Pull down the legs, separate the hood to form his arms, then pull up his head. Simple, yet effective.
All pros, baby. Get this toy.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: Iguanus on February 24, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: All pros. The only downside to him is that he's so great, my girlfriend is still "borrowing" him. lol

Added by: james aka legend on December 27, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: i wrote my previuos review before i even had the toy i was a huige fool i mean this toy does rock... sorry Chris lol

Added by: prowl on December 09, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: get scourge if i were you,cause he is just cool(that means kick slag!)

Added by: Kome on October 23, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: Its a spy changer, what do you expect? Its not like its supposed to be compared to the huge version.You get what you pay for, and concitering all the spy changers, this one kicks!

Added by: james aka legend on October 08, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: chris i must say u over reacted a bit and i agree totally with johann lol

Added by: Johann on September 26, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: This guy is a bit lame considering the bigger guy. I recon you should just save your money and get the big guy Scourge who is much cooler.

Added by: chris on July 21, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: THIS TOY IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

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