Prowl 2

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging (Tech Spec written by Dave Van Domelen. Visit his site.)
Motto: "The rules of the road are there for a reason."
Function: Law Enforcement


As Prowl got more and more involved in the Predacon invasion of Earth, he started to worry about the more mundane duties he was leaving behind. The solution came with the next generation of Spychangers arriving from Cybertron and assuming new vehicle modes. One of these newcomers shared Prowl's passion for law enforcement, and took on a patrol car mode in order to pick up the slack in Prowl's precinct. He even took the name Prowl, causing some confusion. Prowl 2 (or Kid Prowl as Side Burn calls him) has advanced communications gear and the ability to tap into any law enforcement system with ease. In robot mode, his Nightstick Rifle can either be used as a truncheon or as a stunning blaster. It can be tuned from "stun a human" to "knock Sky Byte out of the air" but causes no permanent damage.
Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)
Instructions: Currently Unavailable
Tech Spec Image: None (see Dave's Tech Spec above)
Toy Review:
Color Scheme:
Mostly white with blue and black, and some red accents, such as the huge Autobot logo on his hood, and the lights on his roof. In robot mode you can see a lot of yellow, which is what the center section of the toy is made of, showing as his thighs and head, and under his chest. His windows are painted a sparkley silver to mimic glass... I guess. There's also gold painted running boards and the little thing between his siren lights.
Robot Mode:
Simple, with no ability to reach beyond his chest. His chest is enormous. Possibly not the biggest, but right up there with the rest of them. His only articulation is his shoulders, which allow his arms to raise and lower.
Vehicle Mode:
A Crown Victoria style police car. This is the one you see following you on the freeway while you wonder if you were just speeding or not. No Lamborghini or other sports car, and I'm glad. As "cool" as a Lamborghini police car is, it's just not realistic enough for me. The only unrealistic part is the gargantuan Autobot logo on the hood. If that's not a giveaway that he's not a normal police car, I don't know what is.
Simple. Pull down legs, pull out arms, flip down hood.
His gun is slim and can mount on the underside of the car while in vehicle mode.
Weapon storage, realistic police car design, but with the low stability, limited articulation, and huge chest of most Spy Changers.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: james aka legend on December 27, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: im only here to bitch...ahem I LOST THE GUN!!

Added by: Chris on April 10, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: This is my fav. second wave spychanger hes a good sow peice but not for much of anything else 7 is abnormally hih for my noral rating of a spychangr (the only ones that would get 10's would be Scourge and Crosswise) the next highest would be Side Burn cause of the car mode, which is my fav mode of the Spycahngers same here wih Prowl 2

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