Megatron Megabolt

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Motto: "Each fight only strengthens me for the next battle!"
Function: Decepticon Emissary


Embodies the cruel and destructive nature of a nefarious leader. Houses the spark of a Predacon, though newly proclaims himself to be a Decepticon - a display of his arrogance. A battle-hardened commander who wants nothing more than universal domination. Has lead the devastation of countless worlds before coming to Earth, and is set on eradicating the Autobots. Developed "emissary mode" to combine with his space cruiser and even the secret Autobot defense fortress in attempt to gain absolute power. In robot form, he attacks with energy claws and sonic missiles.
Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With complete box and insert
Instructions: Currently Unavailable
Tech Spec Image: From My Collection
Toy Review:
Color Scheme:
Shades of purple with quite a bit of red and silver (well, a grayish dull silver, but I think it's supposed to look silvery anyway), with some black parts (spider legs) and other accents. To me, it's a good color scheme overall, but I could deal without the entire spider legs section and a change from red to more black, silver, or purple. Also, like Air Attack Optimus Primal, this toy is really from the Beast Machines part of the Transformers mythos. He never stepped a toe into Robots in Disguise, but they put him in RiD packaging because he came so late. It was probably just cheaper for them to do it this way, but oh well, let's move on...
Robot Mode:
While this robot mode was never depicted in the Beast Machine cartoon, I think they did an amazing job taking the "big floating head" Megatron from BM and making it a great robot. This is easily what many people would have imagined for him, and I don't think anyone has complained about it (though I don't read A.T.T. "the complainer's forum" anymore ;-). Honestly, it looks so great that I can actually ignore the giant bakcpack and spider legs sticking out of it. If the spider legs backpack could come off though, I'd never put it back on. Anyway, and great looking robot mode.
Vehicle Mode:
This would be BFH or "Big Floating Head" mode. It's more of a vehicle as the toy than in the show, because the show depiction did NOT have a giant tank thing with spider legs moving it along. In the cartoon it just floated, and I honestly think this toy would be 100% cooler without the spider legs gimmick and sold as a basic, or sub-deluxe of some kind. Anyway, the head section is spot-on accurate to the show, right down to the beasy little slits-for-eyes and jets in back. Then they had to go and gimmick it up with "walking action" spider legs and the section that makes them work. They don't look so bad in this mode, but they just don't need to be there in the first place.
Very complex for a deluxe toy. This one is on par with Prowl and Sideburn of the RiD line. It's no walk in the park, and there's a lot of folding in just the right way and rotating things around and such. I won't even try to explain it with words, so if you get this toy, don't lose the instructions!
He's got quite an arsenal (hehe) of gimmicks for a deluze toy. First off are those stupid spider legs. OK, I know some people like them, but I don't. They're hard to force to work, and they don't really add anything meaningful to the toy, but I digress... When you press firmly to avoid wheel slippage, and move the toy along a flat surface, the spider legs move in a very convincing manner, and the jaw of the face drops and raises. Woo. In robot mode, you can press his spark crystal in to firstly trigger his BFG (big freaking gun) that flips up over the top of his head, and continue pressing it to make the spider legs wiggle some more. So forget the spider legs for now, the BFG is cool! Not only does this massive missile launcher flip up over above his head, but an accompanying helmet comes down on Megatron's head to go with it. Consider it targeting and blast protection, but it's cool. A quick press of the trigger atop the BFG, and the red missile within goes flying off into the distance (halfway across the room ;-). Ok, so that's all the gimmicks, but the BFG makes up nicely for the spider legs thing, anyway. :)
Very cool robot and vehicle (BFH) modes, and the big gun is a big plus, but I wish the spider legs thing didn't exist.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: PartlyClouder on October 14, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: BTW, once you have his big gun deployed in robot mode, you can fire his missle simply by pressing his Spark Chrystal a second time, instead of the trigger button. How cool is that?

Added by: LoserBroadside on June 06, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: I love this toy. The robot mode is so very evil looking, and the sculpt of the head mode is superb. Also, I actually love the spider legs. Without them, he'd just turn into a head. The legs add to the sense that he's more then just a head; that he is, in fact a parasite, like a tick. So. Very. Evil.

Added by: sHiNy311 on March 02, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: this toy is awsome, but can do w/ out the sixlegged thingy. who has a loos complete Bruticus to sell to me :0(....i really need one for my collection???

Added by: james aka legend on December 27, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: AS i said with scpureges revoiew i wrote it before i owned it...HUGE MISTAKE COS THIS TOY ROCKS but the fact still remains what is the deal with the "MEGABOLT" NAME!!!!!!!!1

Added by: james aka legend on November 13, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: What the hell is this damn near afraid of spiders but this is ridiculos and check out the name what is "megabolt".

Added by: ViceGripX on October 28, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: Was it worth the wait? Maybe. Megatron Megabolt is a nice toy, donít get me wrong. The choice in colors could have been better and I could have done without the six-legged-crawly gimmick. Still, he looks good in both modes, even if it can be a pain getting him from one to the other.

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