Swat (MegaBloks Blok Bot)

Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Great Condition. Gave it to my son, though.
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Robot Vehicle Mid-Transformation
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Color Scheme:
Black and gray with red and blue accents. I chose this one because of the "cool" black color scheme. The others were too flashy and bright for my tastes, especially since I had no idea how much I would like the toy.
Robot Mode:
Not bad. It's your standard bipedal robot. He's fully articulated, though his head is stuck in one position. Although his box shows him in many fun looking positions, there are only a few he can reliably be posed in. Although his joints are tight as far as moving between positions, there's enough play in them to cause instability. One of the cool things is how the little man stands inside the "head" of the robot to control it.
Vehicle Mode:
They call it a "city vehicle." It's some wacky kind of all-terrain thing, which does have a coolish kind of look to it. You kind of have to look at the pics to know how it really looks, though.
This is NOT, and I stress NOT a transforming toy, even though MegaBloks says that it is. As much as they might want it to be, it's still only a bunch of building block parts that need to be taken apart and put back together in a different way. Take a look at the "Mid-Transformation" photo. You have to take apart all of his arms and legs, and even move some of the little bits, juggle them around, and then put them back together differently. I'm not sure what definition of "transforming" these people are using, but it's not the one Transformer fans use. BUT! The parts of this toy DO have promise. It's only a matter of time before an imaginative person make use of the parts to make a "Blok Bot" that REALLY transforms, just as many people have done with Lego parts (though much more expensively).
Just the joint system that allows poseability, and if used right, transformation.
The joints have too much play, and consistently pop out of their sockets when you're trying to pose the limbs differently. Overall, he looks cool, but doesn't really transform, and is unstable at best. Although I think it's a good idea, it's poorly executed. I gave this one to my son, because while I'm only disappointed, he'll be thrilled to have such a cool "lego" toy to play with.