My Toy Collection section is constantly under construction as I finalize current toy pages and add new ones when I get new toys. I've finished photographing all my toys, but I'm still making sure each toy page is complete and correct. Doing so will take a long time and a lot of hard work. As this process continues, some toy pages will not have all the information I plan to include.
My toys are NOT for sale!!
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Some toy pages have forms to allow visitors to add their comments about the toy. These are the opinions of the authors, and are separated from my reviews. Any inappropriate visitor review will be deleted at my discretion.
Collection Pics
The Main Collection and Beast Machines Collection pics lead to image maps, which you can then click on to see close-ups of different sections. The Robots in Disguise and Armada pics link only to larger pics. There are better pics of individual toys on their respective pages.
Main Collection (G1, G2, BW, MW) Beast Machines Collection (and others)
Robots in Disguise Collection (and others)
Armada Collection

No idea. I stopped keeping track a while ago. I need to do another head count. (including happy meal toys, bop-bag, and costume, but not counting gestalts as separate toys. i.e. Devastator counts as 6 toys, not 7)
The links in the frame to the left are connected to the profiles of those characters. Character profiles will include name, toy condition, Tech-Spec data, link to Tech-Spec image, toy pics, and box art and instruction scans when availble. As I purchase new toys, I will take photos and create Profiles to add to this section of my site.
Most photos will include a small object to aid in scale recognition of the toy. This object is the lid of a 35mm film canister. The lid is small, round, and made of grey plastic. It measures approximately 1.5" (3.6cm) in Diameter, and 3/16" (.6cm) thick. In many cases, usually with smaller robots, the figure will be *standing on* the lid.
  1. AM - Action Master
  2. BM - Beast Machines
  3. BW - Beast Wars
  4. BW2/II - Beast Wars II / Beast Wars The Second (Japanese)
  5. BWN - Beast Wars Neo (Japanese)
  6. CE - Collector's Edition
  7. CH - Combat Hero
  8. CJ - Cyber Jet
  9. CS - Commemorative Series (Reissues)
  10. FK - Fox Kids re-issued/recolored toy
  11. GB - GoBot
  12. Gen1/G1 - Generation One - the original line
  13. Gen2/G2 - Generation Two
  14. HM - Head Master
  15. ITSA - International Tech Spec Archive
  16. LR - Laser Rod
  17. McD - McDonalds Happy Meal Toy
  18. MS - Minimum Scale (My Smallest) (Japanese)
  19. MW - Machine Wars
  20. PM - Power Master
  21. RiD - Robots in Disguise
  22. RM - Robot Masters (Japanese)
  23. SC - Spy Changer (RiD version of GoBots)
  24. TM - Target Master
  25. Tmet - Transmetal
  26. Tmet2 - Transmetal 2/II