Toy Condition Loose, Complete (I think), Good Condition, With Tech Spec, No Instructions, Some Yellowing
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Tech Spec Image Courtesy of the Hartmans
Tech Spec Data 
 Jetfire            Function: Air Guardian           Group: Autobot
 " Among mysteries of science lies the key to victory. "
    | Stren. | Intel. | Speed | Endur. | Rank | Cour. | Firep. | Skill |
        6        10       10      5       10      9       7        9

    Swiftest Autobot. Daring in battle... believes victory will come via
    technological advancement. Adds twin scramjet modules and liquid
    hydrogen fuel tanks to escape Earth's gravity. Flies halfway around
    the world in 30 minutes. Carries 4 particle-beam cannons and
    heat-seeking photon missiles. Prone to mechanical failures due to
    advanced technology.
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