MEGATRON: Decepticon Leader

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"Join me and I will send you to battle. Defy me, and I will send you to Oblivion."
Strength: 10 Intelligence: 10 Speed: 10 Endurance: 10
Rank: 10 Courage: 10 Fireblast: 10 Skill: 10
Megatron has been reborn. Totally reformatted by UNICRON, he now possesses an intense arsenal of weapons that will make him an unstoppable force during the battle for ENERGON. In robot mode, MEGATRON fights his enemies with a remote triple-change tank module. In Gunship mode, he can use his hyper-power wings and rotating cannons to rain terror from above. MEGATRON'S look has changed, but his goal of universal conquest remains the same. Beware, MEGATRON is back!

Toy condition: Loose, complete, mint condition, with flattened box.
Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Greg's Review: Megatron big. Megatron very big. Well, not Unicron big, but big for Megatron, when he's typically about half the size of Optimus Prime lately. Apparantly the Japanese version of this same toy is about 2/3 the size, maybe smaller. That would probably be a better size, but I'm not complaining. Anyway, once you get over the sheer size of the toy, you see that it's a pretty cool toy overall. The transformation is fairly simple with a couple twists of the legs and such. One of the parts I really like is how his arms pop out from the sides, expanding the sides of his chest a little. He's a bad-ass in both modes, of course, as a good Megatron should be. His jet mode is covered with weapons, and even his wings fold out and expand for more weapons. His robot head has a distinctive G1 Galvatron air about it, which is also very cool. The tank accessory is a little lame, with almost no moving parts, but for the missile it shoots and the sword that hooks into the back side (which can store in his nosecone behind his back while in robot mode for a cool sword scabbrd type thing). The tank makes noises when the missile is fired or the sword is hit on something. Aside from not transforming at all, the tank is just too big and bulky. He can hardly have it connected to his arm in more than one or two positions. Anyway... Overall, I recommend this toy. He's a worthy heir to the name of Megatron.

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