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"Eat my vapor trail"
Strength: 8 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 10 Endurance: 8
Rank: 10 Courage: 9 Fireblast: 9 Skill: 8
JETFIRE is a skilled and professional AUTOBOT soldier who has fought alongside OPTIMUS PRIME in many battles. He likes to come across as care free among his AUTOBOT comrades but is down right serious when fighting DECEPTICONS. He can transform into a powerful space shuttle and is able to power-linx with IRONHIDE. A great teacher in the ways of battle, JETFIRE has vowed to shape IRONHIDE into a seasoned warrior like himself.

Toy condition: Loose, complete, mint condition, with flattened box.
Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Greg's Review:

Robot Mode

Powerlinx Jetfire-Ironhide
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