"To challenge me is to accept your defeat"
Strength: 5 Intelligence: 5 Speed: 9 Endurance: 9
Rank: 5 Courage: 6 Fireblast: 8 Skill: 6
DIVEBOMB is a ruthless ninja-like TERRORCON. Like a bird-of-prey, he never misses his target. In robot mode, his sharp Energon blades and slashing tools give him the edge in close-range fighting. He uses his leg turbines to hover when battling his enemies, overwhelming them with powerful slashes. In hawk mode, his dangerous feathers can cut like blades. There is no stopping this TERRORCON once he has selected his prey.

Toy condition: Loose, complete, mint condition, with full card (bubble removed).
Instructions: Currently Unavailable

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Robot Mode
Alternate Mode

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