"Your cries of pain are music to my ears"
Strength: 9 Intelligence: 7 Speed: 5 Endurance: 5
Rank: 5 Courage: 5 Fireblast: 9 Skill: 7
DEMOLISHOR is a nasty DECEPTICON with an equally nasty weapons arsenal. To challenge him would be futile. He loves the thrill of the fight but he especially enjoys inflicting pain on his enemies. In vehicle mode, he is a burly dump truck that is stacked with powerful energon launchers capable of taking down any AUTOBOT that stands in his way. Though a bit uncontrollable at times, MEGATRON prides DEMOLISHOR as one of the DECEPTICONS greatest warriors.

Toy condition: Loose, complete, mint condition, with full card (bubble removed).
Instructions: Currently Unavailable

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