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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Excellent Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Color Scheme:
Black, silver, gray, and gold, with some red accents. If you steered away from the original toy of this mold (TM2 Cheetor) then this would be one good reason to get this mold. Just on the basis of the color scheme alone, many people have purchased this toy and have been happy. While I still don't like the toy itself much, the color scheme goes a LONG way to making it worth the $10 it costs (getting it on sale is much preferred!)
Robot Mode:
Just like TM2 Cheetor in every way other than colors. He looks very much like the show character in overall design, which is a plus, but the toy design has many flaws. The most annoying flaws are how he barely holds his gun, how one wrist is always limp, how the blades coming out of his elbows get in the way, how his elbows only rotate not bend or extend, how his tails comes out easily, how hunchbacked he is, etc... It ain't pretty, and most people agree that this is one of the all time worst TF molds.
Beast Mode:
Vaguely cheetah like in a mutated sort of way. The same articulation problems plague this mode as they do the robot mode. Nothing to write home about.
Stand him up, shift his arms up and around, open his chest and switch heads, and you're done. Woo.
He has a missile launcher in his back which looks like a thruster, and it also detaches and can be held like a gun in robot mode. His left hip/thigh has a hatch that hides his spark crystal, and his right arm has a shield thing that folds up when you have it in the right position to get it past his shoulder joint. His tail can also come off and be placed in his left hand.
The mold still sucks, but the colors rock.

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