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Robot Mode Beast Mode Head Shot
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Tech Spec Data 
 Stinkbomb         Function: Psychological Warfare         Group: Maximal
   "Nine-tenths of the battle is fought within the imagination."
     | Stren. | Intel. | Speed | Endur. | Rank | Cour. | Firep. | Skill |
        6.5      8.9      7.1     7.1      6.0    8.1     4.7      5.9

     A strategic specialist, Stinkbomb is fascinated with the study of
     Predaconial psychology. Understands the power-driven Predacon
     mindset and delights in manipulating it to Maximal advantage. Once
     taunted for his unpleasant odor, Stinkbomb's sharp wit, cunning
     tactics and dangerous intelligence quickly earned the respect of his
     colleagues. Regarded by Optimal Optimus as a valued advisor and
     fierce warrior. Relies on serrated tail for close range combat. Photon
     emitters in optical sensors project hypnotic light spectrum capable of
     lulling enemies. Foul chemical spray causes temporary paralysis - nasty
     odor remains for weeks unless victim bathes in tomato juice.
Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Mostly black and yellow with white paint down his beast back. His tail is transmetal gold, and he has some small red accents, such as his robot mode head's mask. Although I'm not sure why yellow was chosen over gray, or just white, it looks pretty good to me. As far as Tmet2's go, he's one of the good ones.
Robot Mode:
Probably the better of his two modes. He's a fairly well proportioned anthropoid. Minor flaws include the huge tail stuck to his head, and the beast back shell hanging on his back. His upper arms are big, but that can be easily overlooked, especially since they house two sets of appendages (beast legs and robot arms). Stable and articulated.
Beast Mode:
Not as good as it could be, I think. He's WAY out of proportion for a skunk... mostly because his front legs are the robot legs, and hence are a little long. Maybe if they had an extra joint to fold up more, it would be better. Other than that, he's not a bad looking skunk thing... albeit one with tencho-bits and a spiked metal tail. ;-)
Fairly simple. Rated as basic, and I must agree. Simply fold up the back shell part up the back of the body, do the switcheroo on the legs, hide the beast head in the robots back, and he's pretty much done.
None... unless you count the spark crystal and the ungodly tail on his head... but I don't.
Good robot mode, so-so beast mode, but the tail should be articulated, or transform into a weapon of some kind (NOT a whip!)