Rattrap (Transmetal)

Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Excellent Condition, With Full Card (Bubble Removed)
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Robot Mode Beast Mode Vehicle Mode
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Instructions From My Collection
Tech Spec Image Courtesy of the Hartmans
Tech Spec Data 
Rattrap {TMetal}     Function: Spy                 Group: Maximal
    | Stren. | Intel. | Speed | Endur. | Rank | Cour. | Firep. | Skill |
        6        7        9       5        5      8       6        7

    Following the quantum surge, Rattrap gained the advantage of a
    meched-out armor shell and a swift dragster vehicle mode.  A
    top-notch soldier, his fellow Maximals rely on his reconnaissance
    reports to locate enemy outposts.  The new hot rod mode has
    increased his speed and agility on the battlefield, and a powerful,
    battle-whip blade that he weilds while in robot mode has made him a
    powerful adversary to all Predacons.

    Challenge Level: [05]
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