Polar Claw

Toy Condition Mint in Mint Box
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Robot Mode Beast Mode Attack Mode
Box Art From my collection
Instructions Currently Unavailable
Tech Spec Image Courtesy of the Hartmans
Tech Spec Data 
 Polar Claw     Function: Infantry Battle Commander     Group: Maximal
    | Stren. | Intel. | Speed | Endur. | Rank | Cour. | Firep. | Skill |
        9        7        4       6        8      9       8        7

    A foot soldier with a hunter's instinct, this ballistic bear is
    equipped to command front-line infantry battles against the evil
    Predacons.  Along with his savage teeth and ferocious fangs, his
    most devastating weapons include a quick-firing robotic bat,
    which features sonar sensors to detect enemies and alert Polar Claw
    for combat at all times -- and at all costs!

    Secret Weapon Locations:  Foot reveals quick-attack claw
                              Foot fires bat
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