Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Great Condition
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Tech Spec Image Created by Thaddeus Cultt - 148k
Tech Spec Data(from box)
 Arachnid           Function: Microverse Base         Faction: Predacon

   Copying the ingenuity of the Maximals, the evil Predacons created
   a mobile battle station hidden within a giant Predacon arachnid
   clone! His body opens up to reveal an elevating missile platform
   which converts to a mini attack ship, and computerized command center
   with positionable laser cannon, and a control area to repair battle-
   damaged Predacons. And if enemies approach, the mechanized legs lash
   out to capture victims without warning.
Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
A bit gawdy, actually, with a combination of bright orange and green and a dark purple with some gray and black, and yellow accents. You decide if it hurts your eyes or not. ;-)
Beast Mode:
A big fat spider with all those colors. The spider legs are all immobile except one on each side, not that you'd want them to move around anyway, or that they have much room to move. Has a bit of undercarriage as well, but most of it is hidden by its sheer bulk.
Alternate Mode:
A base thing with a couple landing bays, a command tower, and some armaments. Looking at the image is the only way to find out what it looks like, really.
Flip it onto its back, and start unfolding things. The belly folds out to reveal the command center and the landing bays. The command tower fold up from under the beast head (not from inside it, just from under it ;-). A little gunner station fold out from the inside, and other bits fold out and attach to places. Not complex at all.
The micro figures are the epitome of lame. It comes with two figures, one that is supposed to be Megatron (in croc form?) and one that pretends to be Razorbeast. I guess theres a bit of play value in any micro-sized playset, but this could have been a LOT better.