Function: Frontline Combat
Motto: "It's better to have stood your ground and lost than never to have stood at all."

Though not incredibly bright, Triceradon was chosen to be second-in-command based on his amiable nature and incredible strength in battle. As an iron-hided triceratops, Triceradon's horns generate reverse electro fields that render his enemies paralyzed. Stores two reactonix grenades in his tail.
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Packaging Robot Mode
Beast Mode Head Shot
STRENGTH             RANK
9.0                   9.0
6.3                   9.6
5.9                   7.1
6.8                   8.5
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Again with the cool colors. I know some people are knocking the Dinobots' color schemes, but that's because they are comparing them to the Japanese Beast Wars Neo versions of the same toys. Those versions might have better colors, but I like these just fine. Triceradon sports a nice, dark, copper-brown color, with yellow-orange accents (the bony protrusion parts) and a green area on his back that's kind of like a stripe, but not really. Great looking beast mode colors. His robot mode adds some light copper coloring, as well as some blue and gray accents. I have no complaints about his colors.... really!
Robot Mode:
Well, as many complaints as I have, I really do like this toy, even in robot mode. Let's start with his legs. He has dinosaur legs, with robot legs sticking out from the bottom of the knees, so it looks like he has two sets of feet, all on one pair of legs. His right arm is his beast head, which I never really like much, even when it was a "new" thing with the Super sized t-rex Megatron toy from Beast Wars (which has been re-released as "T-Wrecks" in this line). His other arm is saddled with a huge pack of beast kibble that is hard to position well, leaving it to hinder the positioning of the left arm below, and especially limiting the positions in which his gun can be held. Sure, the legs hanging off this shoulder piece have weapons sticking out of them, but that's little consolation. And if that's not enough, he's got some more beast kibble hanging from his back and sides, although not as detrimental to the functionality of the robot mode. One kind of cool thing, actually, is how "beast guts" were designed into the kibble. Check out this picture of his gun and shoulder unit, showing ribs, and bloody-muscle looking textures. Again... I like this toy, and this mode... but others might not agree.
Beast Mode:
As I said initially, he's pretty nice. A VERY convincing triceratops mold. Although his head and tail are not poseable, his legs are, but not as much as I'd like them to be. Other than the coloration, which I wrote of in the Color Scheme review, and the poseability, there's not much to review. :)
I felt it was pretty complex, but Hasbro rated it as intermediate. I think it's closer to Advanced than Intermediate, but it's a subjective scale anyway. I can't really make many direct comparisons to other toys, so if you're curious, or need them, just download the instructions with the link above.
He's got a couple, one of which is pretty silly... If you move his front horn (on his nose) back, his tongue sticks out a little more, and his eyes roll back, as if he died. Look at the Head Shot to see his beast head in both stages. His tail also becomes his gun, and the huge shoulder pad hold two missiles for his gun. For some strange reason, his spark crystal is on his gun... they could have easily placed it in his chest.
Pros: just plain cool! Cons: kibble, and beast head for an arm.

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