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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Box (flattened), and another Mint In Bag
Bag/Package From my collection
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Color Scheme:
Very light blue/grey and dark brown with dark blue and red accents. Similar enough to the show to have the toy resemble the character.
Robot Mode:
Kind of a "michi/superdeformed" version of Tankor, really, but it gets the overall style right. Like the other McD toys, it's great for some rought and tumble play time.
Vehicle Mode:
Much more Tankor-like in this mode. Check it out. :)
Unfold the arms and legs and slide the head up to the top. Simple, just like all McD toys.
None. Though I think the red thing on his stomach/back does some light piping.
Simple, cheap toy of Tankor. Not much to complain about for the price.

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