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Robot Mode
Vehicle Mode Head Shot
Function: PredaconTM General
Motto: "Among the winners, there is no room for the weak."

A giant power-tank Vehicon, Tankor exists only to crush everything under his treads that he doesn't blow up first. Simple minded, Tankor is unquestionably loyal to Megatron - or so he wants everyone to think. In reality, Tankor hides his intelligence, playing the Vehicons and Megatron off of each other so that he might someday take sole control of Cybertron. He wields a flamethrower in tank mode, while head-mounted energy blasters top off an assortment of heavy weaponry in robot mode. One of Megatron's three generals, Tankor is in charge of the powerful tank drones.
STRENGTH             RANK
9.0                   8.0
7.0                   9.0
6.0                  10.0
6.0                   7.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Box (Flattened)
Instructions From my collection: Page One, Page Two
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
As the first Beast Machines toy I purchased, this one is probably most people's favorite as well as mine. He's a sweet combination of black, gray, red, orange, silver, and some yellow accents. No complaints here, he's top-notch!
Robot Mode:
Nothing like what we see in the Beast Machines CGI cartoon, but still killer! He looks nice and menacing, like any good Vehicon should. About the only problem is that his forearms are so huge. Other than that, he's a pretty cool bipedal robot with tank treads all over him, a big gun on his shoulder, and gimmicks galore!
Vehicle Mode:
This mode looks more like the character's tank mode on the cartoon, but with some minor differences. His spark can be seen behind a hatch on the turret, and... well... he's a quad-tread tank! He's COOL! :)
Intermediate, I think, is what Hasbro rates it at. I'd agree, I guess, but it's really not too hard. Fold the rear treads back to form his legs, separate the front treads into his robot arms, then fold his hips around, shifting the turret to his back, and allowing his "hat" to fold back. Bring his cannon over to the front and make sure his legs and arms are positioned properly. Sufficiently complex for a mega, but not too hard to make playing tedious.
Maybe not as many as Tigerhawk, but he's got them! First, of course, he has the cannon which shoots a "energy burst" missile. Second, fold up the panels on the "hood" of the tank, and open up the claws to reveal the "buzz saw" weapons (see vehicle mode image insert to see) which rotate as you push the tank. These blades are also visible/useable in robot more. And finally, possibly the coolest, the reflected-light "glowing eye" gimmick, which works fairly well. In tank mode, the eye is in the turret. You need to open a hatch to let the light in, but that's also kind of neat. The robot mode also has the glowing eye, but what really makes this feature cool is that the eye is positionable! The robot head on the back of the tank is a "knob" which, when turned, moves the eye in the turret to the side. Once the eye reaches the side of the turret, it moves the turret! It goes either direction of course. The same holds true for robot mode! In robot mode, the red knob on the top of the turret becomes the knob controlling the eye inside the robot head. :) As gimmicks go, this one is pretty freaking cool. :D
He's a kick-slag toy. Buy it! Cons? ummm.... mmm... he doesn't look like the show, but... who cares?!? :)

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