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Robot Mode Vehicle Mode
Head Shot Package
Function: Ground Attack
Motto: "The ground of Cybertron will thunder in our wake!"

Tank Drone units are a specialized Vehicon element of drones under Tankor command. Formidable front line fighters. Often attack in chaotic formations, firing destabilizer missiles in unison, then rapidly retreating in all directions. Anything caught in their path is destroyed. Alloy armor plating protects them from most types of Maximal artillery, but firepower drops significantly after firing missiles. Not effective during lengthy firefights.
STRENGTH             RANK
8.5                   6.0
4.9                   8.9
7.2                   9.4
6.6                   7.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (Bubble Removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Light grey, dark grey, and dark metallic blue, with translucent parts and red and yellow accents. A very nice color scheme overall, if not entirely show-accurate (I don't think he had blue in the show, did he?).
Robot Mode:
VERY close to the show version. About the only thin different are some proportions, and the things hanging off his arms (that cover his rear treads in vehicle mode. His cannon is a little large, but it's still nice. They even did a nice job emulating the tank tread robot legs. Well done, Hasbro!
Vehicle Mode:
Again, VERY close to the show. I really have no valid complaints for this. It's simply great!
Fairly complex for a regular sized toy. His front treads fold down and rotate to become his legs, his rear treads become his arms, and his cannon and head fold back onto the shoulders. Again, well done.
A really cool one... when in vehicle mode, if you press the back of the cannon to lower it (raising the firing angle of the cannon), it meshes a gear in the back of the cannon with one in the top of his rear tank tread on that side. You then roll the toy along, and the gears cause the end of the cannon barrel to spin... just like the show! It's REALLY cool! In robot mode, you can do it by moving the gear at the back of the cannon with your finger. As it spins around, it triggers the launcher. If you put the missile in, it will fire when it hits the trigger. It's really quite cool. The only problem, as some other people have found, is that sometimes the trigger can be hard to press. Since the trigger is tripped internally by the inside of the cannon barrel, it can cause problems. What happens with mine, is that when I roll him along in vehicle mode to launch the missile, when it get to the point of tripping the trigger, it gets stuck, and I end up skidding it on the table, or stripping the gears. :\ My sons Tank Drone works wonderfully, though. My complaint, therefore is not the design, but product quality consistency.
Awesome copy of the show Tankor/Tank Drone, but some units can have a stiff trigger, causing launching problems in vehicle mode.
Back story: "Megatron has finally developed a technology that removes all organic traces from the sparks of Transformers - starting with himself. Completely purged of the organic within him, an even more ruthless Megatron threatens all of Cybertron, and the Maximals must fight the most important battle ever: this is the Battle for the Spark!"

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