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Head Shot Package
Function: All-Terrain Combat
Motto: "No road is rougher than me!"

Strika's presence on the battlefield often turns the tide in favor of the Vehicons. Holds a personal vendetta against all Maximals, especially Blackarachnia. In combat, will lure enemy into rough terrain to give herself the advantage. Equipped with reciprocating laser cannon that shreds anything caught in its field of fire. Can wreak havoc with one sustained blast from her cannon. Alloy-plated armor deflects many types of Maximal ammo. Capable of high speed bursts on any terrain and has amazing endurance in close combat.
STRENGTH             RANK
8.0                   5.0
6.0                   7.5
6.9                   8.0
8.5                   8.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (Bubble Removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Strika is a not all together clashing hodge podge of colors, including: light purple, dark purple, blue, silver, gray, black, a kind of drab yellow-gold, gold painted accents, and a green spark crystal. It's actually quite pleasing to the eye, and a step in the right direction from some of the previous color schemes of BM toys.
Robot Mode:
Strikingly (hehe) similar to the show, with a bulky torso section, and thin legs riding on turned-down wheels. My only gripe is how HUGE her backpack is, and how far back her arms connect to it. See the Head Shot above for a side-view of her upper body to see what I mean. In that shot, though, I've move her shoulders forward to make them look better. You can see the peg where the shoulders usually connect. Speaking of her head, it's also very close to the cartoon depiction. As with many of the "Battle for the Spark" toys, the toy looks as close to the show version as can be expected.
Vehicle Mode:
Again, a great match to the show. This six-wheeled ATV looks almost as menacing in real life as it does on the show... well, at least to the other toys. ;-) I'm not sure what else to say. It's great! :)
Nicely complex for a deluxe sized toy. Pretty much everything comes out from where it starts and ends up in a different place. I'd have to side with Hasbro on the "Advanced" rating for this toy. It's not quite an Expert level toy, but it's got it's fair share of tricks. I love the way four of the wheels get tucked away. Two of them in her chest, and two behind her back. Well done.
Two integrated gimmicks. The spark crystal, when pressed, operates a mechanism inside her rear torso that causes the cannons on her shoulders to move forward and back alternately. As the left cannon moves forward, the right moves back, and vice versa, about three times per movement of the spark (i.e. 3 times down, 3 times up). It's got a ton of play value by itself, but it was made even better by the fact that each of the missiles can fire from their clips using the G2 style "pinch-launch" technique.
Well, I failed to mention that her hands are kind of freaky, but, since they're freaky in the show, it's not a big deal to me. Other than the huge upper body, there's really no cons to this toy. I highly recommend it to any TF fan, even if you don't like the Beast Machines cartoon.

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