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Function: Aerial Reconnaissance
Motto: "I am the eye in the sky."

Spy Streak is entirely focused on one task: destroy the Maximals. Impressive aerial abilities and a fully stocked arsenal make him a serious threat on all fronts. Bomber mode has two powerful laser-matrix missiles with remote detonation capabilities. Robot mode is equipped with a giant and powerful clamp mechanism perfect for close-in hand-to-hand combat and makes a valuable utility tool. Specialized armor deflects most energy blasts plus radar detection. One of Jetstorm's most valuable assets, Spy Streak never backs down from a fight.
STRENGTH             RANK
5.0                   4.0
6.0                   8.0
8.0                   5.0
7.0                   9.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (Bubble Removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
His overall color is kind of a dark brownish-olive-green color. Some have called it brown, but in my eyes, it's not that simple. He also has dark red parts and painted accents, as well as some bright translucent green parts (missiles, chest, and parts of tail fins). One nice touch is some copper paint smeared into the cracks and crevices all over him, making it look dirty or battle-worn. Although I think a stealth bomber type jet should be mostly black, this color scheme is ok by me. Chalk up another good color scheme in the "Battle for the Spark" line of BM toys.
Robot Mode:
Wings and fins on his legs, and a big chunk of jet kibble on his butt are drawbacks, but the fact that his arms ARE jet kibble really knocks him down as far as "coolness." Of course, coolness is entirely subjective. I can see how having huge missile launchers on one arm, and an even more huge nose cone/pincher thing for the other art might be sort of cool. Personally, I'd have preferred that these parts be better used in his transformation. Yes, he can strike a manga pose, but he's almost as bad as Motorcycle Drone in the Popeye syndrome department. His shoulder joints and jet kibble on his back also somewhat hinder the movement of his arms, reducing his potential poses.
Vehicle Mode:
A well done futuristic stealth bomber design. The tail fins offer some articulation, but nothing to speak of. It's not bad for a simple jet, especially at the regular size. I wish he had landing gear, but since he rests level anyway, I guess it's not necessary.
His wings come out and fold down to become legs, and the front half of the jet splits in two to become his two arms. Pop his head up and you're done. No big whoop.
Well, I think they're trying really hard, but I don't think they made the cut on this one. While missile launchers are cool, and pinching things can be cool, putting them together in vehicle mode bites. Not only can you NOT fire the missiles without activating the pincher thing, but it's annoyingly difficult to activate the pincher thing far enough to shoot the missiles.I'd have preferred that a single button press pop open the pinchers and launch the missiles, or just about anything besides what they did. In robot mode, the gimmicks are a little better, but that's only because you CAN fire the missiles directly, by pressing little triggers in the top of the arm unit. The pincher thing is STILL hard to work. At least it locks in an open position, otherwise it would never be used... ever.
Nice vehicle mode, decent robot mode except for no real arms, just huge jet parts. The gimmick was well intended but falls short on play value and ease of use.
Apparently there are some of these with the feet on backwards. I was told that the one I have is the one with the right feet, indicating that the one photographed on the package is the defective one.

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Added by: Another chance? :) on June 28, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: The second best of my 'auto-bot hero 3 pack'. His colour scheme in this BM series however looks lame...
his vechile mode is great and his transformation is simple. his weapons are good but i must say he lost a MEGA 2 points for where they are.
i mean COME ON his arms have no 'finger like' apperance and jeeeezz talk about fore-arm missiles.. i thought mirage was bad lol
other than that fault he is good.

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