Sonic Attack Jet    
Aerial Drone    
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Robot Mode Vehicle Mode
Function: Aerial Combat
Controlled by the Vehicon Aerial General, Jetstorm, or by Megatron himself, the Vehicon Sonic Attack Jet is a mindless automaton that relies on sheer numbers to overpower Maximal forces. Sonic Attack Jets attack with overwhelming speed and ammunition, strafing their enemy with lethal scatter bombs and plasma lasers. Equipped with an automatic evacuation command to rescue Jetstorm when he's taken out of battle, they are otherwise harmless without his or Megatron's leadership.
STRENGTH             RANK
7.7                   2.0
2.5                   6.5
8.8                   6.9
7.0                   7.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
Instructions From My Collection
Tech Spec Image From My Collection
Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
This is the only thing that's different about this toy from the original version, Jetstorm. Instead of dark blue, this time he's mostly light blue and gray, with some dark blue parts. This gives him a distinct look from the original which can make it a nice toy to have. I do like the looks of it, enough to get it, which is rare for me, as I don't usually bother to get more than one toy of any particular mold. Definitely a nice color scheme.
Refer to the review of Beast Machines Jetstorm for more information on this toy mold.

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