Function: Intelligence/Surveillance Expert
Motto: "My mind is my ultimate weapon!"

Wisecracking Rattrap always has something snide to say, and is known as a chronic complainer. Recon and surveillance expert. Fits into the tightest of places. Although weaponless in beast mode, his tail is a major asset - tactile capabilities grab objects and act as an electro-whip weapon. In robot more, tail serves multiple tasks - can tap into computer systems, break codes and pick locks. His resourcefulness and intelligence are major assets to the Maximal cause.
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STRENGTH             RANK
5.0                   7.0
9.9                   6.9
8.7                   4.8
7.6                   9.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Box (flattened)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Dark green and silver, with some gray parts, red accents, and yellow accents. It's about as close to the show as can be expected.
Robot Mode:
Not exactly show-accurate. At least, not nearly as much as the beast mode is. His main downfall is his horrible hunchback. This is an unfortunate necessity for the accurate beast mode and hidden robot parts in beast mode, but can be difficult to overlook. In robot mode, he shows a lot more silver than in beast mode, and from the front is almost entirely silver, with some red accents. His legs are a little scrawny, especially compared to his arms (which are his beast mode's rear legs), but the huge blade things on each leg help with that. He appears to have a design flaw, though. His robot head doesn't like to be in a fully upright position when his chest is locked in. As a result, either he's looking slightly down, or his chest isn't locked together. This wouldn't be a big problem except that when his head is looking down, his chin is blocked by his chest piece, preventing proper functioning of his mouth gimmick.
Beast Mode:
This is about as show accurate as a BM toy has been so far, as most will agree. His overall look is spot-on and any differences I point out would simply be nitpicking. He's even got the "seat" looking area on his back. About the only complaint I have with his beast mode is that his front legs can't be splayed out. They're confined to being very close together, making his rear legs appear to be even wider apart than they are. If they has just used ball-joints or added another hinge to let the front legs have more articulation, it would be much better. Overall, though, an excellent beast mode, and very show-accurate.
Alternate Mode:
He can do the wheeled mode like in the show, which some people might prefer to his legged mode. He's essentially the same as in robot mode, but his legs are folded up, and the blade things become wheels. His tail attaches to his butt and provides the third point of support. Not a bad mode, though I think I prefer the legged mode.
I think it's a sufficiently complex transformation for a mega sized toy. His legs come out from inside the rat abdomen, and his rat head and front legs tuck into that cavity. The rest is flipping and folding. ;-) I think it's a very well designed transformation, aside from the robot head problem mentioned above.
He's got his fair share, that's for sure. :) In beast mode, his tail is connected to his head and neck via a rod with gears at each end. When you turn the tail, his head moves from side to side, his head turns, and his ears wiggle. :) His mouth also opens and closes manually. In robot mode, his tail is a whip (whoopie), but his robot head has a mouth gimmick. When you move his visor/helmet thing up and down, his mouth opens and closes. He also has the bladed wheels on his legs. They don't pop out, fire, or even spin very well, but they sure look cool!
Great rat mode, but hunchback robot mode. Overall a great toy.

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