Function: Guerilla Combat Specialist
Motto: "I have no true enemies, because no one will stand against me!"

Size, strength, speed and superior intelligence are all trademarks of Rapticon. As fierce and cutthroat in battle as he is with insults and one-liners, but Vehicons would much rather be on the receiving end of his verbal assaults than his physical ones. Reinforced tail can smash Vehicon weapons and bodies to pieces almost instantly. Enhanced vision allows him to eye the enemy from massive distances and immediately identify weak spots in their formations. Sonic roar can cause permanent damage to Vehicon radars and sensors. Devises and executes ambushes and raids with unmatched precision and success.
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Packaging Robot Mode
Beast Mode Head Shot
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Kind of a dark icy blue, and a light icy olive color. He also has some cool metallic parts and some silver accents. I like this scheme much better than the original off-white and dark red scheme of TM2 Dinobot (which this is a recolor of). Overall, the color scheme is strong and well balanced, though the violet Dinobot spark crystal in his chest doesn't fit very well. That's ok, though, since it's hidden by his chest panel.
Robot Mode:
Eh. It's cool looking, I guess, if only because of the huge blades for fingers. His tail and shoulder pads are a tad large for his proportions, though. At least his tail can come off and be used as a weapon... though doing so isn't highly recommended because he'll be harder to pose with a huge tail sticking out of one hand.
Beast Mode:
Still looks really cool as a mutant/TM2 velociraptor. For most purposes, this is the preferred mode. He just looks cool. If it weren't for how his front arms are a PIA to get into the right position to not look completely stupid, this toy would be excellent.
Can be tricky in places, especially the bit where you get his head/torso rotated around into the right position. The rest is your typical swapping of limbs stuff.
The tail has rubbery bits and a dial that makes it slash back and forth as you turn the dial back and forth. He also has a spark crystal hidden behind a panel on his chest (head in beast mode)
Nice color scheme, great beast mode, but robot mode leaves something to be desired... like smaller slagging shoulder pads!

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